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Workpath Launches Geolocation Arrival Notifications

Published August 21st, 2019

Exceptional healthcare experiences depend on transparency. That’s why we’re releasing geolocation arrival notifications for all appointments!


Workpath is customer obsessed and patient focused. We’re on a mission to continuously add features to our tech platform that address the lack of connectivity and low-visibility that has plagued the healthcare industry once and for all. Starting today, we’ve made it easier for healthcare teams to update their status while delivering care so that patients are informed at all times. And on the backend, healthcare organizations can improve the end-to-end experience with arrival notifications and better tracking capabilities. 

Intelligent Tracking

The Workpath app will automatically send a GPS-based push notification when your mobile users are within 200 meters from an appointment location. To assure accuracy, the team member is prompted to confirm their arrival status which automatically informs both the patient and the healthcare organization monitoring the success of the appointment. Here’s how it all works and why this matters!

  • Centralize: Workpath users are healthcare organizations of all sizes and types committed to improving the way they digitally organize, dispatch, and track their healthcare services. Using our HIPAA compliant technology, appointment opportunities can be added by their customers, team, or through an API integration with an existing system or EHR (like Allscripts, Epic, and Cerner).
  • Automate: We eliminate spreadsheets, phone tag, email, or fax machines by automatically notifying a healthcare organization’s workforce of new opportunities while providing all key details through the Workpath app.
  • Dispatch: Once the right team member has been automatically identified, Workpath dispatches the right person to deliver the right care at the right time. Healthcare organizations can rest assured that their team member will arrive on time and prepared for every appointment with step-by-step instructions and supplies. 
  • Notify: Workpath's customized patient communication, automated reminder system, and push notifications keep patients in the loop every step of the way – which includes our new status notifications designed to alert the patient and the healthcare organization that their specialist has successful arrived at the appointment location. 

Transparency Builds Trust

At Workpath, we believe transparency is at the core of great relationships between healthcare organizations and patients. Everyone in healthcare wants to feel included in the process, informed of what’s going on, and up-to-date when it comes to one of the most important services any business can deliver. Our goal is to find key moments in healthcare that can be easily improved and seamlessly implemented by smart healthcare organization looking to improve patient care, outcomes, and satisfaction. Our arrival notifications are one of the many ways that Workpath is integrating important touchpoints along the patient journey by helping healthcare organizations become more proactive, accountable, and accurate in the care they provide.