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Welcome Aboard! Workpath’s Customer Count Doubles in Q2

Published July 22nd, 2020

At Workpath, we saw a 105% increase in customer count and a 50% increase in revenue from Q1 to Q2 of 2020. Platform usage surged as well. Weekly appointment volume increased 165% since January when the first confirmed COVID-19 case was reported in the U.S.

We can now proudly say that more than 85,000 patients have received care dispatched through Workpath’s tech—the only platform for scheduling and dispatching mobile healthcare teams. Patient by patient, we’re helping healthcare providers bring back the house call.


The Return of the House Call

New Workpath customers include mobile phlebotomy businesses (i.e. blood draws), mobile diagnostic imaging companies (e.g. ultrasounds), and in-home urgent care providers, among others. They join a customer list that already includes clinical trial operators, a Fortune 10 company providing at-home care, two of the three largest diagnostic lab businesses in the U.S., and leading medical equipment company Siemens Healthineers.

Workpath’s CEO, Eddie Peloke, attributes the company’s growth to a combination of pandemic-induced shutdowns and the limitations of telehealth. Patients—especially vulnerable populations like elderly or immuno-compromised patients—are avoiding clinics and hospitals out of fear of being infected with COVID-19. In turn, telehealth usage has exploded, but it has its limitations. According to the CDC, 70% of medical decisions require blood tests (or other tests dependent on the collection and analysis of a biological specimen).

“During this pandemic, we have seen the importance of telehealth and how it is going to be central to the future of healthcare in a post-COVID world. However, it’s only part of the solution. When testing is needed to manage a chronic illness or help make a proper diagnosis, there is only so much a doctor can do virtually. We believe the return of the house call is here and Workpath is the leading technology provider to ensure the right care provider is efficiently dispatched to the patient's home,” said Eddie Peloke, CEO of Workpath.


Recent Workpath Use Cases

LX Medical

One of Workpath’s new customers, LX Medical, provides on-demand, at-home urgent care. Already, Workpath has helped a seriously ill patient recover when a traditional hospital turned her away. “Since COVID, we've seen a 50% increase in home medical visits.” LX Medical CEO Jim Riggen said. “By using Workpath, we've been able to expediently fulfill all our patient's medical needs. Recently, when a seriously ill teenager was turned away from the hospital despite signs of COVID, using Workpath we were able to quickly get a medical provider to her home for a medical evaluation and supply IV fluids and IVIg treatment, which significantly improved her outcome."

Vault Health

Since early May, Vault Health has mailed COVID-19 saliva tests to patients’ homes. The test is the first FDA EUA-authorized solution of its kind. Now, testing has expanded to include national companies, universities, and professional sports leagues, such as the NBA, NHL, PGA, LPGA, and MLS. The tests are self-administered with the supervision of a Vault Health professional via a telehealth video call. Vault Health, which already relied on Workpath's platform to intelligently match and dispatch healthcare professionals to home visits for its men’s health portfolio, is now also using Workpath to manage the availability of professionals for as many as 30,000 tests daily across all 50 states. Workpath was able to quickly innovate to apply tagging and notification features to streamline the back-end scheduling of Vault Health’s national COVID-19 testing program.

Market Dynamics

Since April, life sciences consultancy Market Dynamics and Workpath have helped one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies to shift drug treatments for immuno-compromised stage 4 breast cancer and sickle cell patients from clinics to the safety of their own homes. Such patients are considered among the most vulnerable amid the coronavirus pandemic. Yet, they are exactly the people who need to regularly visit clinics to receive routine treatments. Workpath’s automated scheduling and dispatch system allowed Market Dynamics’ team of nurses to easily go mobile, meeting patients where they are, and minimizing their risk during these uncertain times.

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Looking Ahead

The coronavirus is a tragedy that has reshaped the way companies across industries do business. Workpath is proud to be positioned to help healthcare providers adjust their delivery models to at-home and mobile care during this time of heightened risk and pandemic-induced shutdowns. If the last quarter’s surge in Workpath platform use is any indication, we believe a more convenient and safe form of care—the house call—will be a large part of healthcare’s future.