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Why Your Mobile Phlebotomy Company Should Stop Using Spreadsheets (and What to Use Instead)

Published May 8th, 2020

Spreadsheets are a powerful tool. One of the few used across companies of all sizes, types, and industries. Their uses are almost unlimited. They can be a solution for almost any problem, but they are often far from the ideal solution. 

Phlebotomy companies are no different. They often rely heavily on spreadsheets for everything from scheduling to phlebotomist availability tracking to billing. While spreadsheets provide a good record-keeping source, they have one major drawback -- they are not a dynamic solution - but require manual data entry. In other words, they don’t provide a competitive advantage. 


Scheduling Apps for Phlebotomy Companies

Phlebotomy companies that are ready to take the next step, gain a competitive advantage, and grow their business are switching to scheduling software (i.e. apps). Specially designed scheduling software can help phlebotomy companies: 

- schedule more work

- receive customer orders digitally and automatically

- track all appointments in one place

- automate tasks saving time

What should a phlebotomy company look for when choosing a scheduling app?



First, and foremost, any healthcare organization looking for a solution needs to consider HIPAA and security of patient data. Spreadsheets are not secure. Look for a scheduling software solution that is HIPAA-compliant and dedicated to serving healthcare companies.


All your appointments in one place

Do you have a spreadsheet for each of your customers where you track their appointments? You’re not alone. Scheduling software lets you visualize each customer’s appointments easily in one location. You know where appointments are located, when they are scheduled for, who’s servicing them, and what the status is. No more toggling between spreadsheets.


Dynamic availability

As you know, the phlebotomy world moves fast. A patient can reschedule at any time. A worker’s availability can change with a moment's notice. This makes it difficult to maintain the most up to date information in spreadsheets. Reschedules can lead to lost work and dissatisfied patients and customers. The best scheduling software allows your workforce to input availability directly through a mobile app, which ensures you always have the most up-to-date information. 


Automated order entry 

The most common form of order entry among phlebotomy companies is phone and email. Scheduling software can provide you with a self-branded, customizable, digital order entry form that makes scheduling easy for your patients and automates order creation for you. No more worrying about missed patient calls, emails falling through the cracks and improper transcription to a spreadsheet.


Automatic status updates

There’s little transparency during phlebotomy appointments. Oftentimes a phlebotomist’s name is assigned in a spreadsheet and the spreadsheet isn’t updated again until the phlebotomist calls back that the appointment is complete. There are no real-time updates. Look for a scheduling software that provides real-time status updates automatically. No more phone tag when your customers ask about an appointment’s status. 


Automatic data capture

Spreadsheets are great for record-keeping but pose a major issue with data accuracy when transcribing from another system. With scheduling software, all of your data is kept in one place. Data entered by you, your patient, and your phlebotomist is automatically uploaded to your Dashboard and kept in one secure location. 



Spreadsheets are cheap, sometimes even free. Look for scheduling software with low-cost entry pricing and only grows as you grow your business. 


Getting Started with Scheduling Software

Scheduling software can provide your phlebotomy company a large competitive advantage and take your company to the next level. It’s time you let an app automate some of your tasks so you can spend more time on the most important things - patient care and growing your business. 

If you’re interested in accelerating your business with scheduling software there are a handful of options, but only one dedicated to healthcare and designed for phlebotomy, Workpath. Learn more at workpath.co.