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Vault Health Selects Workpath, the Only Healthcare Worker Dispatch Platform, to Deploy and Manage Thousands of Healthcare Workers to Oversee At-Home COVID-19 Tests

Published May 28th, 2020

RICHMOND, Va., May 28, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Workpath, the leading SaaS platform that deploys mobile labor to perform on-demand healthcare services when and where they are needed most, today announced it is working with Vault Health to include the dispatching of telehealth workers to oversee the proper and safe implementation of COVID-19 testing. Vault Health, a startup specializing in healthcare for men, has already been using Workpath to dispatch mobile healthcare workers to its patients for blood testing.

Since early May, Vault Health has been providing FDA EUA approved saliva tests from RUCDR Infinite Biologics and Spectrum Solutions across the United States. Vault chose Workpath's HIPAA-compliant, mobile healthcare management platform to seamlessly schedule and manage Vault healthcare providers' digital supervision of patients who require a COVID-19 saliva test. Vault has the capacity to process over 30k tests a day in all 50 states.

Vault Health, which already relies on Workpath's platform to intelligently match and dispatch workers to home visits for its men's health portfolio, is now also using Workpath to manage the availability and qualifications of the healthcare providers who are supervising the COVID-19 test over telehealth video calls. That medical professional walks the test taker through the process on how to properly extract the saliva sample and provides instructions and oversight about how to safely return the kit to the lab for testing. This ensures no steps are missed and the collection process is accurate.

"Workpath has been essential in allowing us to quickly scale our mobile telehealth team to oversee COVID-19 testing," said Vault Health Founder and CEO Jason Feldman.  "Vault has been able to safely and efficiently supervise the at-home testing process vital to helping people across the United States get their COVID-19 results."

Workpath deploys tens of thousands of mobile healthcare workers daily into patients' homes in all 50 states and has seen a 165% increase in weekly appointment volume since mid-January when the first COVID-19 case was reported in the U.S. Not only is Workpath assisting with COVID-19 testing in multiple states, it is being used to dispatch healthcare workers providing testing and care for those who are high-risk or immunocompromised - including cancer patients - so they can receive in-home treatment rather than risk exposure at doctors' offices and hospitals.

"Our work with Vault is a clear view into the future of healthcare: working smarter, faster, using technology and a gig economy workforce to quickly adapt to a changing healthcare system," said Eddie Peloke, CEO of Workpath. "Before the coronavirus hit, the idea of healthcare workers coming to patients' homes to administer medical tests rather than in a hospital or doctor's office seemed unnecessary. However, COVID-19 is forcing healthcare companies to adapt to a patient-centric approach. In-home healthcare and telehealth management are now a necessity."



About Workpath

Workpath has created the only scheduling and dispatch technology for mobile healthcare teams. The HIPAA-compliant platform enables healthcare services to efficiently provide care whenever and wherever it is needed. Workpath's customers provide a range of services, including mobile phlebotomy (blood draws), in-home primary care, in-home COVID-19 testing, on-demand diagnostic imaging, mobile paramedical insurance exams, and on-demand drug testing, in addition to others. Workpath empowers the mobile healthcare initiatives of two of the nation's largest diagnostic laboratories, clinical trial operators, and Fortune 100 companies. Founded in 2015, Workpath has secured $19.1 MM in funding and is backed by Structure Capital and Heritage Group, among others. To learn more about Workpath, please visit Workpath.co.


About Vault

Vault is a performance healthcare service designed to help men take control of their health through specialized in-home treatments for a better body, better sex, and better brain health. Through extensive education, professional medical evaluation, and personalized treatment, Vault overcomes shortcomings in existing men's healthcare offerings to help more men achieve optimal overall health. To learn more about Vault and schedule an assessment, visit VaultHealth.com.