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Smart mapping for your mobile healthcare team. See everything.

Published April 17th, 2020

Visualize your field operations with our Map View feature. Filter and sort so you can focus your energy where it’s needed. 

If you manage a mobile healthcare team and their appointments in the field, then you know how powerful it is to have clearly-defined routes and tasks. Standardization empowers your team to focus less on administrative needs and more on providing patient care and services where and when they’re needed. But, as you know, standardization can be hard. Many healthcare organizations struggle to define and scale field operations due to miscommunications, lack of routine, and inefficiencies from the field. And they’re feeling the pinch.

To help you solve these challenges, Workpath is excited to announce Smart Mapping - a powerful new feature built to let you intelligently route your team through different stops and tasks throughout an appointment's lifecycle. 


More time saving, less time wasting

As part of Smart Mapping, we're introducing pre-appointment and post-appointment steps. Pre and post-appointment steps allow you to designate stops your team needs to make before or after a patient visit. Just set the stops and let the Workpath app walk your team through everything required. For example, you can route your team to a pharmacy pre-appointment to pick up a patient prescription for delivery during the patient visit or you can route your team to a laboratory post-appointment to drop off a collected specimen. See more use cases on the Workpath website. 


Build your protocol so your team is effortlessly routed through the appointment lifecycle in the Workpath app. You specify what your team needs to do, the Workpath app ensures it’s done.

Adding pre and post-appointment stops to an appointment is simple. Next to the appointment address, you'll have the option to add multiple pre-appointment locations and tasks, multiple post-appointment locations and tasks, or both. Whatever stops or tasks you add, you can feel confident that your team will automatically be routed throughout the appropriate appointment lifecycle. But it doesn’t stop there (sorry, bad pun). As your team navigates through the appointment in the app, actions are confirmed and timestamped for your administrative team. 


Easily follow along. No more check-ins on job status. 

You maintain full visibility into the status of appointments covered by your team, in real-time. You can even track their location en-route to the appointment and estimated arrival time. The Map View provides you the ability to drill down by team member, appointment, and geography.


Layout your team’s route and tasks for each appointment. The Workpath app tells them where to go, when to go, and what to do. Then you get immediate confirmation once each task is completed by your team.


Get started with Smart Mapping

If you’re a Workpath Enterprise customer you can start saving time and steps with Smart Mapping today! If you are not an Enterprise customer but are interested in getting set up with a trial of Smart Mapping, reach out to Mitchell Murray now, at mitchell@workpath.co, to learn more.