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Ensure house call compliance. Every time.

Published April 23rd, 2020

Healthcare providers manage a wide range of high-touch services with varying levels of complexity. Given the highly sensitive nature of patient care it’s critical that you can rely on your team to accurately perform these services. Standardization is key.

Service protocols are an essential element of any medical visit, and good protocols include two things: prep lists and steps—the basic building blocks of “what and how.” Workpath is determined to simplify communication of your service protocols and help your team meet expectations.


Prep Lists

Prepare your team before they head into the field. With Prep Lists, you automatically communicate every supply and step needed to successfully complete the visit and your team confirms they have everything needed before leaving for the visit. No more rescheduling from a lack of preparation. 



Reinforce your service protocol while your team is at the visit. With Steps, you define the expectations of your team during the visit. Guide them, step by step, through the successful completion. Your team is required to acknowledge each step was taken before completing the visit.  Steps are flexible and can take two forms - checklist and data collection.



Checklist is just like it sounds, your team is required to check, one by one, that each step was completed. You can also provide clickable links within steps. 


Data Collection

Data collection gets you instant access to information from the field. No more waiting for your team to scan and email information later that day. Workpath’s HIPAA-compliant app securely collects and transmits the data back to the Dashboard. Data collection can take three forms - photo, free text, or barcode scan.


Get started with Prep Lists and Steps

If you’re a Workpath customer you can start increasing compliance and eliminating reschedules from improper preparation today! If you are not a Workpath customer but are interested in getting set up with a demo of Prep Lists and Steps, reach out to Mitchell Murray now, at mitchell@workpath.co, to learn more.