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Effectively Communicate with Your Patients

Published June 24th, 2020

As more and more healthcare moves away from facilities and hospitals and is instead delivered to patients’ homes or workplaces, patient communication takes on a whole new urgency.

Your healthcare mobile team is constantly on the go delivering patient care and getting to the next visit. This, unfortunately, can cause patient communication gaps resulting in heightened office work as patients call asking about your team member’s location and ETA, increased risk of patient no-shows or non-compliance with medical requirements, and higher risk of adverse medical results. 

Fortunately, there are ways to automate communication to patients and remove the manual burden from your team. Workpath offers a solution for you to ensure your patients are aware, in real time, of the what, when, and how to be prepared for a mobile healthcare visit. Here are three ways Workpath makes your patient communication process work effortlessly for you and your patient. 


Patient Communication

1. Confirmation and Reminder Messages

When visit requests are coming in from every direction, sending confirmation messages and reminder messages to patients gets tricky, fast. That’s because you spend most of the time coordinating the visit details instead of updating the patient on the status. What if you could automatically send an email, text, or both to the patient, with all the necessary information, whenever a new visit is scheduled?

In Workpath, you can fully customize your patient messaging experience. You create the content, you decide which information needs to be included, and you decide how the message is delivered. Let your patients know you have their visit confirmed and are working for them. Appointment scheduled in advance? Set automated messages to be sent at regular intervals to ensure your patients are aware of and ready for the upcoming visit. 


2. Real-time Communications

As much as it is convenient for the patient, a stranger coming to the home can be an uncomfortable experience. Not to mention the fact that the individual might be coming to stick you with a needle, take your blood pressure, or perform another medical service. Transparency as to  who’s coming and when the person will arrive can go a long way to making the experience better. 

However, when your team is on the go constantly, it can be difficult to pick up the phone or send an email to the patient to introduce themselves and let them know the estimated arrival time. That’s why Workpath offers an automated solution. With the click of a button in the Workpath app, your team can send a message to the patient with a live link for them to see a bio of who’s coming, their route, and estimated arrival time. It’s the same seamless experience your patients are used to from requesting an Uber ride-share or even ordering a pizza delivery from Domino’s. When your team member arrives, the patient will receive another message letting them know their care provider is at their front door. 


3. Patient Feedback

One of the most important aspects of any business is consumer feedback. This provides the business with the opportunity for continuous improvement. Healthcare is no different. Patient care can always be better. Give your patients the opportunity to provide your company with feedback. 

With Workpath, you can automatically send post-visit messages and surveys to your patients. Use this as an opportunity to collect feedback on your services and your healthcare team, so that you can continue to serve patients in the best possible way. 


Get started with automated patient communications

At the heart of every healthcare company there’s one focus, patients. As industry trends continue to empower patients and spur healthcare providers to be more patient-centric, it’s critical your company is doing everything you can to provide the best possible patient experience. 

If you’re a Workpath customer, you can start improving the patient experience and eliminating non-compliant patient visits today by automating communication. If you are not yet a Workpath customer but are interested to see a demo of  automated communication capabilities, reach out to Mitchell Murray now, at mitchell@workpath.co, to learn more.