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More Customizable Message Options to Further Improve the Patient Experience

Published January 21st, 2020

We've added to your patient messaging options!

We added more customizable patient messaging options to the Workpath platform. You can now send automated messages based on time leading up to the appointment's scheduled start and based on each status of the appointment.

We also listened to your feedback and made it even easier to view and customize your organization's message settings. You can now see all messages on the same page, easily differentiate which messages are on/off, and preview the message as you type.

Send your patient a customized update from your organization for these status updates/events:

  • Patient Self-Scheduling *New
  • 3-Days before Reminder
  • Day Before Reminder
  • Day-of Reminder
  • Claimed *New
  • Accepted *New
  • On the Way
  • Arrived
  • Cancelled *New
  • Completed *New

Our custom patient messaging options have helped customers to increase patient compliance by 28.2%.


Up next:

Interactive Dashboard Map

The interactive Dashboard map will allow you to view all mobile users and appointments from your organization. The Dashboard map will display real-time insights about your field operations. You'll be able to see mobile user information, mobile user location, appointment location, appointment status, mobile user route, and more.

Archive Appointments

The archive appointments button will allow you to remove old and cancelled appointments from your Dashboard view. This will allow you to focus on the appointments that need your attention.

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