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Eliminate back-and-forth calls and emails with Auto Notifications.

Published April 22nd, 2020

Communication. Visibility. Two critical components when operating in the field. When there’s multiple stakeholders and manual workflows it’s difficult to meet expectations. Add in the highly sensitive nature of patient care and it becomes more complicated. 

Now, more than ever, as patients and customers demand high-touch, quality consumer experiences, healthcare organizations need to keep up. Workpath is here to help.

With Workpath’s suite of automated alerts, you can remove time and effort spent manually updating your team, patients, and customers and refocus it on providing the highest level of care. Discover some of our most useful automated alerts below and say goodbye to manual updates. 


Remove the hassle of phone tag with your team. Improve compliance.

Workpath automates alerts to your team in the field so they always have the most up-to-date information about appointments. Whether you need them to know about new work opportunities or updates to existing opportunities, Workpath has you covered.


Reduce emails from customers while you increase satisfaction.

Workpath automates alerts to your customers so they always know the status of the work opportunities that they sent to you. Remove the constant calls and emails to check when an opportunity is scheduled to happen and when or whether it was completed. 


Focus energy where it’s needed. Reduce no shows and reschedules.

Workpath lets your team create escalation alerts for appointments that need additional attention. Make sure nothing falls through the cracks.


Get started with Automated Alerts

If you’re a Workpath customer you can start reducing manual emails and calls with automatic alerts today! If you are not a Workpath customer but are interested in getting set up with a demo of automatic alerts, reach out to Mitchell Murray now, at mitchell@workpath.co, to learn more.